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School District seeking survey answers on proposed 4-day school week

Posted on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 11:17 am

Monroe City R-1 School District (MCR-1) is taking a survey from the community to propose a 4- day school week. The purpose of the survey is to gain the communities opinion. The main reason the Monroe City School District has interest in the four-day school week is to provide more time for professional development for the staff and to better meet educational requirements from the Missouri Board of Education explained Dr. Bottoms, Monroe City R-1 Superintendent. He also went on to explain that this is just some- thing the district is considering and was asking for the communities input with concerns and/ or support.

calendar has not been developed because no formal decision has been made.

increased to 7.5 hours with 154 days then that would be 1155 instructional hours which is less calendar days but more instructional hours. Explaining day care concerns would need to be evaluated but currently MCR-1 students attend approximately 35 weeks of school and roughly only 22.75 of those weeks are five-day school weeks.

MCR-1 District has not made a formal or informal decision on this topic however explained by Dr. Bottoms this topic is not about financial savings nor will ever be and has not even been looked at by the district in that fashion. One would only assume that maybe a little savings would take place, but that plays zero factor………

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