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RSB hosts Christmas Luncheon with Parkinson fighters

Posted on Wednesday, December 26, 2018 at 5:38 am

Mike Crager, Rock Steady Boxing Coach, escorts Nick and Henrietta Hays through the line at the RSB Christmas Luncheon. Both Crager and Nick Hays are fighting Parkinsons.

The Rock Steady Boxing Parkinson’s Support Group of Fighters held a Christmas Luncheon on December 17 at the Swinkey Gym in Indian Creek. Approximately 40 people attended, including fighter’s, volunteers and guests.
Fighter and Coach Michael Crager hosted the event for the Rock Steady Boxing. Coach Crager’s father, Bill Crager attended stating, “A great time of fellowship and enjoying the good food was had by all.”
The luncheon also included special Christmas gifts given out by fighter and Coach Crager. Currently the gym is helping 18 fighters punch out Parkinson’s.
The RSB program is located at the Mark Twain Shopping Center, where Mary Yager has donated her gym space to help make this program possible. As you enter the door, there is a large padded floor space to use for workouts, three punching bags and several other pieces of equipment.
The RSB gym is for people fighting Parkinson’s and offers exercises which are specifically designed for the symptoms of the disease. Coach Crager holds certification to teach the boxing classes for the RSB gym here in the community.

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