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Rock Steady Boxing holds open house March 31

Posted on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 at 1:45 pm

Sparing boxers, Steve Hughes of Monroe City and Jim Moore of Bowling Green take on Parkinson’s disease together at Rock Steady Boxing Club coached by Crager.

Rock Steady Boxing held an open house on March 31. Several residents from the area attended the open house to learn how Coach Michael Crager is helping others fight back against Parkinson’s Disease.
The open house gave the community a chance to see how the gym is benefiting area residents who battle the Parkinson’s Disease. The public was invited to share homemade desserts and watch as the fighters demonstrated exercises done each week in the gym.
Crager stated, “The number of people utilizing the Rock Steady Boxing program has increased to 18 boxers.” Recently the boxing program has added four more people diagnosed with the disease. A total of 18 boxers travel to the program from as far away as Bowling Green each week.
The RSB program is located at the Mark Twain Shopping Center, where Mary Yager has donated her gym space to help make this program possible. As you enter the door, there is a large padded floor space to use for workouts, three punching bags and several other pieces of equipment.

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