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Recent drug related incidents at MCR-1 spur K9 search lockdown

Posted on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 10:24 am

On Friday January 26, Monroe City Police Department conducted a K9 search of the Monroe City High School and Middle School in cooperation with the Monroe City School District. The target of the search was illegal contraband and to combat illegal drugs in our school system.
This search is something the Monroe City School District decides to do a couple times a year explained Superintendent Dr. Tracy Bottoms as he stated, “The district understands we cannot control what students do outside of school, but we want them to understand it is something we will control on the Monroe City School District property and not an activity that will be tolerated at any level.” Dr. Bottoms added, “Recently, our district has seen multiple drug related incidents. I felt compelled to let our parents, community and students know that these incidents have been dealt with quickly and swiftly.”

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