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MCHS incorporates life skills for youth PRIDE

Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at 10:28 am

Pictured from left to right: Mason Reyes, Dustin Rozkiewicz, Steven Taylor, Ed Talton, Joshua Howard, Keenan Batsell, Aaron (AJ) Tate.

The Monroe City R-1 High School has introduced a new program this year to encourage young gentlemen to acquire skills other than education. High School Principal John Fortney stated, “I was fascinated with the idea of deliberate mentorship with students, a program to “show them the way” to adulthood. We wanted to create an opportunity to engage some of our students who could benefit from extra support and mentorship from the right person.  Ed Talton was approached about taking this class on and he was eager to do so.

The idea is to basically teach young boys how to become men.”
The new class has been named PRIDE class. PRIDE class is held first hour explained Principal Fortney stating, “The first-hour class was accidental in scheduling but will drive our schedule for next year.  They have a safe place to start their day and get support to whatever they need on a daily basis.”
The class has no set curriculum, it allows the teacher to be responsive to student needs.  The school is tracking everything that done in the class.  Fortney shared, “I knew this would be successful, we just needed to do a “proof of concept” with the class.”  The class has made trips to local businesses to see what opportunities lay for them, as well as trips to the laundromat to begin learning self-care items. The class has even offered some cooking sessions Fortney explained, adding, “We have grilled because every man needs how to do this and had guest speakers come in to talk about their story sharing their lives with these young men.”
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