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Mayor Minor fulfills promise attempts MCFD training trailer

Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 10:13 am

Mayor Neal Minor suits up in full firefighter gear, crawls through training trailer to grasp a feel of what MCFD volunteers endure to be call ready.

On February 21, Mayor Neal Minor fulfilled the promise to put on the firefighter’s gear and attempt to make a run through the firefighters training trailer.
The training trailer is built with small crawl spaces, has wires hanging in spots, unsafe floors which drop out from underneath a person and obstacles to raise with pressure creating a scene for the firefighter to use strength to push up on a floor or structure which could have fallen in on the firefighter. There are inclines and narrow corridors the trainee must feel their way through.
Mayor Minor suited up in the gear and attempted the training trailer blind folded. He had all the gear on besides the air pack. Minor crawled through the trailer, feeling his way through as he squeezed through the small openings. He seemed to be a natural other than being unable to keep on his helmet. Fire Chief Rich Enochs, banged on the tops and yelled at Minor acting out the actions of what they would do in a real fire.

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