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Mayor Minor announces run for State Representative for Missouri House District 5

Posted on Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 4:06 pm

Neal Minor Announces his candidacy for Missouri House State Representative Districy 5

Mayor Neal Minor will be trading in his city official title with an increased vision in sight. After being the Mayor of Monroe City for the past 10 years he stated, “I am ready to take the things learned as mayor and use them in District 5.”

In a press release on September 21, held at Lakeside Casting, Minor announced he will be running for the position of Missouri State Representative 5 which covers Shelby and Marion County along with the city limits of Monroe City. The position primary is on the August 7, 2018, as the current Representative for District 5, Lindell Shumake, has reached his term limits and will be on the ballot for the November 2018 ballot.

Minor stated, “My position as mayor will remain priority,” adding, “Even though the next Mayoral election will be in April, 2018 and the State Representative election won’t be until November, 2018, I won’t be running for reelection for Mayor.  I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding and I want citizens to know that running for State Representative isn’t a back-up plan.  Once my term as Mayor ends, I will be dedicated to campaigning and meeting with voters in District 5.”

He explained this will be a new journey for him in the campaign world as he never had to campaign for mayor. Minor shared he did have his committee formed but no sponsors at this time. When asked if Minor knew of who may be running for mayor he answered, “No one that I know of at this point.”

Minor explained in his first year of being mayor he learned that he did not take enough time to speak with the local business owners to see what the city could do to help increase their business. He then mentioned, “In May of 2009 during my second year of my first term, we didn’t have an economic development team in place and our community lost two of the biggest employers in the same month.” He shared the importance of having a relationship with the citizens whom voice is represented. This is one reason Minor gave for supporting the current Governor Eric Greitens. He stated, “I think he is doing a wonderful job. He is very low key, rational and interacts with real citizens on a daily basis.”

Minor believes his morals guide what he does every day and he makes decisions by what is right for the people of the State of Missouri. He shared the support of the Right to Work explaining, “People should not have to join a union to be an employee. I am not against unions; I just don’t feel the union should control where a person can work.”

Minor agrees to let taxes sunset or end if the tax originally voted for has served its purpose. As a board member of the highway 36 transportation development district, Minor voted to end the tax 18 months early when the project was complete. He stated, “By ending the tax or allowing it to sunset, the decision gets turned back to the vote of the citizens.”

According to the Missouri Ethics Commission website, there are two other people running for MO Representative District 5. Mayor Loren Graham, of Palmyra, is listed as a candidate along with Louis Riggs, of Hannibal.

Minor enters his first campaign at the age of 44 years old. He is currently married to his wife Melissa and together they have six children, a son-n-law and one granddaughter. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri obtaining a Bachelors in Biology and later a Masters in Healthcare Administration. For the first part of his career he managed administration at Our Lady of Lords in Lafayette, Louisiana. Besides residing as current mayor, he currently works in Hannibal as an Independent Insurance Agent specializing in commercial and public entities along with agricultural business insurance coverage. Minor also owns his own publishing company as well and has helped several local authors publish their books.

Minor expressed, “I still have seven months remaining of my current term as Mayor and I don’t want to look ahead just yet, because there’s still work to do at city hall.  It has been an honor and a privilege to work alongside some great aldermen and dedicated city employees.  I have a great deal of respect for the people that I’ve worked with and I know that the city will be in good hands when my term ends.”

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