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Local business owners fear MO Prop B passing will devastate

Posted on Wednesday, November 21, 2018 at 9:15 am

Carquest is a locally owned business that fears the MO Prop B will affect their prices.

Missouri Proposition B passing has sparked the attention of local small businesses. The concern has prompted many to foresee financial difficulty with the increase in wages.
The November 6 ballot gave Missouri citizens the chance to change the current minimum wage from $7.85 to $12 per hour by 2023 and then making increases or decreases based on changes in the Consumer Price Index. The proposition passed with a vote of 1,488,368 to the opposing 901,808 votes.
Tammi Latafoski, owner of Monroe Family Restaurant stated, “This will cause owners to drive up the cost of products and will directly affect the prices of everything.” She added, “If we could afford to pay that amount to our employees, we would already have done it.”

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