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Knights of Columbus mouse races raise $5,500 for playground project

Posted on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 8:36 am

Tuley Elliott and fellow gamblers look on in hopes their mouse will win.

As the winter weather blew in on Super Bowl Sunday, it didn’t keep community members from attending the mouse races and super bowl party hosted by the St. Stephens and Monroe City Knights of Columbus. Proceeds of the event are to benefit the new Holy Rosary playground project. The event raised a total of $5,500. Knights of Columbus member John Kendrick explained, “Both groups, St. Stephens and Monroe City went in together to provide the playground for Holy Rosary, these proceeds will pay back the amount of money loaned for the playground project.”
Approximately 150 people attended the event. As guests arrived they paid the $20 cover charge for the days planned events. This bought the attendee a mouse stamp on their hand, drinks and snacks for the main attraction of betting to support the local cause. A concession stand was available for those wanting to purchase a meal at the party.
Knights of Columbus member Shane Spalding stated, “Overall it was a wonderful day.  We had a great crowd that had a fun time together all day long and raised some money for a good cause in the process.”
Promptly at 2 p.m. the mouse races began. There were seven races held with the first six being used to qualify for the last race for the trophy of Top Mouse. Local community members and businesses sponsored each of the mice for the competition with the betting windows open for those in attendance to bet on the mice during each race. To bet there was “mouse money” which was exchanged for cash and used during the event.
The first race was sponsored by the coaches with the theme “I better not catch you loafing.

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