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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s your Lake Gazette Reporter!

Posted on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at 10:46 am

Brent Bruns, of St. Joseph, Minnesota, was flying a gyrocopter he had built himself. The aircraft resembles a helicopter only smaller and has an open seat. He stated, “The morning was perfect for flying, the wind and temperatures were great.”

Anyone who was outside on Thursday, August 24 may have been alerted to powered parachutes (PPC) and gyrocopters flying over Monroe City. Among those flying in the sky was yours truly, the Lake Gazettes reporter.
The airport reported receiving calls of concerned citizens inquiring what exactly was flying over town. A group of four men along with their wives, from Wisconsin and Minnesota, made their stop here for three days before headed to Jacksonville, Illinois for a fly-in.
Upon my arrival to the airport, one man had just landed his PPC and offered to take me for a ride over the town. At first I hesitated, as this would mean facing one of my fears, but reluctantly decided to take the offer. Bob Tchop, of Wisconsin, insisted I must take the ride. He graciously showed all the safety precautions and gave me a headset to communicate as we prepared for take-off.
The group had been to Holt to experience the solar eclipse in the air traveling in their campers and pulling trailers with their aircraft. Tchop, explained he had called city hall ahead of time to ask permission to stay at the airport for a few days and fly their aircrafts. Tchop stated, “The city was so accommodating, the grass was cut and the airport is really nice.”

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