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Her Memory Lives On Precious Moments made in honor of Shelbina student

Posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 10:42 am

Courtesy of Thad Requet
Shelbina Weekly
(former writer for The Lake Gazette)
It hasn’t been easy for anyone involved but it has finally become a reality. After months of eager anticipation the FFA Precious Moments inspired by the life of Christy Maubach have arrived at the Chicken Coop in Shelbina.
Maubach, who died in a vehicle accident her senior year at South Shelby, had accomplished a lot in a short time. During her sophomore year, she lost her mother Lola, who died of lung cancer at the age of 38. Christy was forced to become a mother-figure for her younger siblings, who at the time were in second, fourth and seventh grades. It would be two short years later when she lost her life in the accident.
Christy’s father Bobby and her siblings were left to deal with the loss.
She was very involved in the FFA program. Her interest was in grain and beef production. She received the “most active freshman member” pin and “chapter scholarship” pin.  She also competed at state in “Public Speaking.” She would later become FFA Chapter secretary.
After the passing of her mother, Christy was honored with a “Mother of the Year” award from KRES-radio in Moberly after her brother Bud wrote an essay about her and what she had done for the family.
The night before Christy died in the accident, she had posted the words “I see skies of blue and clouds of white. The bright blessed day, sacred night…And I think to myself what a wonderful world,” Taken from Louis Armstrong’s famous song “What a Wonderful World.
South Shelby FFA Advisor Tim Larrick approached Kampschmidt with the idea of coming up with the Precious Moment made in her honor. Kampschmidt had 1,200 made up of both the boy and the girl. She has sold them to people in 16 different states across the country.
“They (Precious Moments) really cooperated and did a great job once we got permission to do it,” she explained. This was very unusual for Precious Moments to do a figurine in honor of a single individual, Kampschmidt explained. “It took months for FFA and Precious Moments to get on the same page with everything.
When the figurines arrived on flats to the back of The Chicken Coop, Kampschmidt was overwhelmed. She received help from C.W. Wood and Carmen Pruden at the Lumber Yard on getting everything unloaded and in her building.
The word got out that the figurines had arrived and then burned in the fire last October. That is false. They arrived months after the fire.
The 1,200 figurines was the minimum she was allowed to order. Although she has sold several, there are many more still in her place of business. Once she gets to a break even point, she would like to donate part of the proceeds back to an FFA Scholarship in Christy’s name.
An article on the figurines came out this past weekend in the latest Precious Moments magazine telling the story of Christy and the figurines.
If you are interested in purchasing one, you may call (573) 588-4588 and send a check to 112 B. West Walnut in Shelbina. The figurines are $50 each with $4.24 tax in Missouri. For out of state customers, they don’t have to pay a tax, but a shipping charge.