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Fabulous Feet Dance Company brings life to downtown

Posted on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at 9:03 am

Anna Crusha, of Paris, with her daughter Sophia Crusha registering three of her children for dance lessons for their fourth year, along with Rhonda Woods McHargue, her husband Richard and Allison Wilson, assistant.

Fabulous Feet Dance Company makes a new home to downtown Monroe City. The business recently relocated to 109 South Main St. after operating at the Mark Twain Shopping Center for the last 13 years. The instructor, is Mrs. Rhonda Woods McHargue, who holds a degree in Performing Arts with emphasis on dance. She is a graduate of Oklahoma University and has been teaching a variety of arts for more than 30 years. McHargue stated, “Moving to the downtown area will be more convenient. I hope being here brings life to the downtown area,” as she explained she and her husband, Richard, relocated from Hannibal to live above the dance studio in the apartment.

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