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Election ends with fresh faces voted into City Council

Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 9:52 am

The April 4 election has concluded and the results bringing new faces to office to represent the community. The votes have been cast and counted and the community majority votes reflecting a voice for change.
Newly elected Alderman Connie Painter of Ward 3 stated she is excited and feels positive (about being Alderman). “I believe it takes team work and community involvement. I will be there to represent not just my ward but also for the entire community not as individuals or with favoritism but as a whole”. Marvin Viloria elected as Alderman to represent Ward 2 added “I am excited to represent the community and hope to improve the town with recreation opportunities for the youth, build employment opportunities for town growth, encourage neighborhood clean-up keeping nuisances down and supporting the drug task force to keep our streets safe”. Elected to take the seat in Ward 1 is Jason Osbourne commenting “I am very excited about having the opportunity to serve this community and promise to do the best job possible” adding “I strongly support listening to what the citizens want, people’s voices and needs should be heard and met to the best of the council’s ability.

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