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Dunkle announces plans for retirement from Monroe County Collector Office

Posted on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at 11:11 am

Anita Dunkle announces plans to retire as Collector.

The Monroe County Collector’s position will soon be up for election. Anita Dunkle, the current elected collector, announced she plans to retire leaving the seat open. Dunkle has been employed at the Monroe County Courthouse since October of 1987. She explained she began working under Ann Ragsdale, who was the previous recorder. In 2002, Dunkle ran for County Collector when Ragsdale retired.
Her impending plans for retirement in the collector’s office comes a year early in regard to the announcement of Chrissy Graupman releasing her candidacy for Monroe County Collector of Revenue. Dunkle will continue in her elected position until February 2019.
Dunkle admits retiring is like leaving part of her family. She shared the Monroe County Courthouse employees all treat each other like family.

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