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Council addresses 105 N. Main project

Posted on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at 9:54 am

Mayor John Long studies the budget during a regular City Council meeting held on Jan. 3.

The Board of Alderman heard ideas for Main Street on January 3, during a regular session City Council meeting. In attendance was Ralph Lemongelli, who questioned the progress on the city’s property located at 105 North Main. Michael Purol was present to explain the bid specs to the council. Purol shared the building showed having a small amount of asbestos during inspection and would have to add this cost into the bid spec. Purol had sketches present to what the space could look like after demolition. The sketches showed a sitting area with several different options. Alderman Moss shared he had visited Bowling Green and noted the town had a similar space which was a cancer memorial park. Alderman Moss showed pictures to the council members which he had taken. Attorney Williams stated again he is still waiting to hear back from the heirs on the 105 N. Main project.

Debbie Tanzey approached the Board of Alderman in open forum, concerning her natural gas portion of her utility bill, during regular session of the City Council meeting. Tanzey appeared before the council to discuss circumstances of her furnace’s heat exchanger going out while she was hospitalized for two and one-half weeks. City Administrator Jackie Pangborn was present to explain, she had noted an extremely high amount of gas being used at the residence and sent City employees to investigate the situation. The faulty furnace caused the furnace to be running continuously, making her bill $3,502.05.

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