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City’s purchase of Main St. building questioned in open forum

Posted on Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 9:20 am

Mayor Neal Minor and Alderman Jeremy Moss during a City Council meeting.

In open forum of the City Council meeting, held February 8, in regular session, the Board of Alderman heard from Sheila Kendrick concerning the city’s purchase of the Musgrave building on Main Street. She stated she understood the reason for the purchase but questioned stating, “Was the City going to buy every building in the city that is falling down?”. Mayor Neal Minor explained stating due to the health and safety concerns, and the fact there was no one else who wanted to buy the building, the City made the decision to buy it for back taxes.
Minor went on to explain there had been a structural analysis done on the building proving it worthy of purchase and without doing something to save this building, the structural integrity of the surrounding buildings would suffer and that would affect the whole block.

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